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Info-Mail Schach Nr. 730

Turnierausschreibung Offene Belgische Meisterschaft

(von Herman Jennen, Belgien)

                 voor VISUEEL GEHANDICAPTEN v.z.w.

                       p.a. Herman JENNEN, Vz.

                       Koningin Elisabethplein 3 te B-9100 SINT-NIKLAAS

                       Tel. +32(0)3/776.55.92

                      Bank account number : ARGENTA 979-6087345-18

                               Dear chess friends from far and near ,

Hereby we invite you to our

" 16th Open Belgium championship" 2007 .

When ?:

The tournament will be held  From Saturday noon 27 of October (lunch
included) till Tuesday noon 30 of October 2007 (lunch included).

On the 27th you'll be expected before 11.30 h in the hotel. We request this
for organisational reasons. Lunch will be served strictly at 12 pm so that
the First round can be started in time. It is also possible to arrive on
Friday the 26th of October. It will only cost  €25/pp in a double room and
€40 pp for a single room (Dinner not included but breakfast included for
that day).

Where ?:

Hotel José, Vissersstraat 18 in B-8370 BLANKENBERGE. Tel.: +32 (0)50 41 14
21. Blankenberge is a nice city at the Belgian coast. You can reach the city
easily by train.

The hotel is a 10 minutes walk from the station and 5 minutes from the
beautiful beach. People who have played there before will notice a big
change. The hotel has been renovated and modernised . They bought the plot
next to it so they made it twice the former size. (now we have a separated
dining and chess area !)

Website :

Tournament formula :

The tournament will be played over 7 rounds. We will handle the Swiss

De 7 rounds will be played on :            Saturday 27 October in the
afternoon and evening,

                                                           Sunday 30 October
in the morning and afternoon,

                                                           Monday 31 October
in the morning and afternoon.

                                                           Tuesday 1
November in the morning.

Prize-giving and Closing Ceremony will be held after round 7.

Prizes to win:

In Class A and B.   1st prise is €70.   2nd prise is €50.   3rd prise is

Apart from that, there is a bonus of €2 for every game you win. There will
be cups for: the winner of the Belgian open championship A and B for
visually impaired, the open Belgian champion for the normal sited, the
champion of the  BSFVG (visual impaired).


Players charges:

These prices are meant for all the comfort (shower, toilet and TV in the
room) and the all inclusive formula.

From saterday incl. lunch           twin room       € 170,00 pp

                                                    Single room    € 215,00

From Friday-evening EXCL. diner          twin room     € 195,00 pp

                                                                Single room
€ 255,00 pp

If you have any questions or wishes, don't hesitate to contact us at any

How do you enter and pay ?

People who stay in the hotel should be entered before the 1st of September
2007. People who don't stay in the hotel should be entered before the 1st of
October. You can do that by a bank transaction on bank account number
979-6087345-18 (ARGENTA) on the name of the B.S.F.V.G. , Zwijnaardesteenweg
197 , in B-9000  GENT.

For international payments to Belgium you will need the following numbers:

BIC-nr:  ARSPBE22  and  IBAN-nr:  BE50 9796 0873 4518.

You also need to send the registration form  (see attachment), before the
earlyer notified dates. (nicely filed in) to  : Alex GEERINCK,  treasurer
B.S.F.V.G. ,  Zwijnaardesteenweg 197  te B-9000  GENT. Or by E-mail:

attention:  1) For people who do a money transfer from abroad please note
that all the bank costs are for you. Please look carefully if you do the
transaction, so that we get the right amount of money. Otherwise we will ask
the missing part during the tournament.

  2) People are only registrated when we have received the money. Best rooms
will be given to early registrated people.

  3)  People who are registrated but don't show up will need to pay €50
annulationfee (only for people who stay in the hotel.) Others will lose
there €10 as noticed above.

For more information please contact:

phone. 03/776.55.92 of international : 00 32

phone  014/32.35.37 of international : 00 32

Registrated people will get a confirmation mail.

Kind regards

President of the  B.S.F.V.G. vzw.
Herman JENNEN.

(Inschrijvingsformulier - Bulletin d'inscription

Form of tender - Einschreibungsformular   (p.p./ahead)

O.B.K.  27/10/2007 - 30/10/2007    BELGIUM

Stuur terug voor   1 september   Send bach before

Naam/name/nom/Name .......




Plaats+postnummer/locality+postcode/domicile+code postal/Ort+Postfach


Land/country/pays/land ..            

E-mail adres(se) ...................

Tel en/of Gsm nr ..................

Geboortedatum/birth date/date de naissance/Geburtsdatum 

Schaakt mee/plays chess/joue acec/spielt schach :    JA  O        NEE    O

ELO / ELOS                         +        Bron / source / Quelle  

O    Blind/aveugle

O    Slechtziend/visually handicapped/mal-voyant/sehbehindert

O    Begeleider/guide

O    Eenpersoonskamer / single room / chambre individuelle / Einzelzimmer

O    Tweepersoonskamer / double room / chambre commune / Doppelzimmer

            kamergenoot/roommate/votre compagnon/Zimmergenosse


O    Arrives via station Blankenberge in Hotel. Day+Time of arrival : ....

O    Komt rechtstreeks met de auto naar / Arrives direct by car to 'Hotel

Datum en handtekening/date and signature/date et signature/Datum und
Unterschrift :

       ____/_____/______                       ___________________

- De inschrijving is enkel geldig als de betaling verricht is en dit
formulier nauwkeurig

   ingevuld en opgestuurd is !

- The inscription is only valid when payment has been done and this form is
filled in en send !

- On est inscrit si les frais sont payés et ce bulletin est rempli et
renvoyé !

- Die Einschreibung ist nur gültig wenn die Zahlung durchgeführt ist und
dieses Formular

    ausgefüllt und zurückgeschickt ist !

 Alex GEERINCK,       E-mail :

Penningmeester V.S.F.V.G

     Zwijnaardesteenweg 197

     B-9000  GENT.    BELGIUM.

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