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Open N.S.V.G. championchip 2009

 Dear chess friends
 It is a pleasure to invite you for our "Open NSVG Championship" in
Nunspeet, the Netherlands.,

From Thursday evening February 26th 2009 (including diner) till Sunday
afternoon 1 maart   (including lunch). We will be expecting you from 3
p.m., but at least before 5.30 p.m.

Hotel Dennenhoeve, Elspeterweg 14 at Nunspeet in an area called the
just south of Zwolle

The tournament will be played over 6 rounds in accordance with the
Swiss system. The 6 rounds will be played on thursday evening, Fryday
morning and afternoon   Saturday morning and afternoon, Sunday
morning,  Till round 4 you have the possibility to take a 'bye'. The
winners ceremony will be during the lunch on Sunday

The total prize money is € 500,--. Prizes are available for the 'Open
NSVG champion (groups A and B); the second and third places; the
champion NSVG (group A and B); best female player and best junior
player. (When a person wins in more than one category, only one prize
will be rewarded).
The costs per person for full pension are:
 Members of NSVG:
 € 147,50 (Double room)
 € 160,-- (One person chamber)
On memberNs:
 € 160,-- (Double room)
 € 180,-- (One person chamber)
Guides of NSVG members:
 € 95,-- (Double room)
 € 115,-- (One person chamber)
Guides of non NSVG members :
 € 147,50 (Double room)
 € 160,-- (One person chamber)
(The tournament costs of € 20,-- are included in these prices.)

The registration and payment must be fulfilled before febraury 15st,
2009. You can do this by paying the correct amount of money on account
# 2401122 (Post bank), NSVG, 3981 KH Bunnik For international payments
to the Netherlands, you will need the following data: BIC-nr: PSTBNL21
and IBAN-nr: NL51 PSTB 0002401122
 Besides that, you must send a completely filled in registration form
(see attachment) before the above mentioned date to: Martien
boerefijn, Treasurer
NSVG,, W.v. Kouwenerf 6 3981 KH Bunnik.
If you pay from a country outside the Netherlands, note that you also
need to pay possible additional costs. We would like to receive the
correct amount, otherwise the difference will be settled during the
The payments are treated as your confirmation for registration.
If a registered participant is cancelling after January 15st, € 20,--
will be charged for administration costs. For registered participants
who do not show up, € 80,-- will be charged.
FURTHER INFORMATION can be requested by contacting:
Jan Boer Telnr: +31 (0)592) 41 37 90
Pieter Couwenberg Telnr: +31 (0)13 534 83 78 of mobile: +31 (0)6 44 7120 04
After registration (payment and form) you will receive a confirmation
as soon as possible, accompanied with a detailed route description to
the hotel.
We look forward to welcoming you at Hotel "Dennenhoeve" on thursday
February 26th, 2009
 With kind regards,
 On behalf of the NSVG board
 Pieter Couwenberg

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