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Turnierausschreibung "Irish " Open"

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(von Philip Doyle, Irland)

Braille Chess Association of Ireland

Silver Jubilee Open Tournament 2010

To celebrate 25 years of the Braille Chess Association of Ireland, this 
event will  take place at the Marine Hotel, Sutton Cross, Dublin, from 
Friday October 1st to Monday October 4th, 2010.


The Tournament will be a 6 round swiss, open to all visually impaired 
players and their guides. The rate of play will be all moves in 1 hour and 
45 minutes for each player.  There will be two sections if numbers allow, a 
Major section open to players of all strengths and a  Minor section confined 
to players rated below 1400 ELO.

Costs of stay in hotel

The cost of accommodation for players and guides/partners for three nights 
including dinner, bed and breakfast is ⎬180 per person in a shared room and 
⎬260 single.  The cost for others is ⎬ 262.50 and ⎬360 respectively.  Those 
wishing to extend their stay may do so at a cost of ⎬85  per night B&B for 
both Single & shared rooms, but only if bookings are made through the 

All fees should be paid to the Treasurer, Ernie McElroy, 1 The Village 
Green, Ratoath, Co. Meath - Telephone:  +353 1 8027541.
Bank account details will be provided on request to those wishing to pay by 
credit transfer.  The closing date for bookings and payment of fees is 15 
August, 2010.

Further enquiries may be made to Eamon Casey.
Telephone:  +353 44 9347997 (home number)
E-mail: casbur@eircom.net

Time table



      Round and Time


     October 1st, 2010
     Round 1 @   7.30pm
     Dinner @ 5.30pm

     October 2nd, 2010
     Round 2 @ 10.00am

      Round 3 @   2.30pm
     Dinner @ 7.00pm

     October 3rd, 2010
     Round 4 @ 10.00am

      Round 5 @   2.30pm
     Dinner @ 7.00pm

     October 4th, 2010
     Round 6 @ 9.30am
     Prize Giving @ 1.30pm

General information

The Marine hotel, has a  leisure centre, and  is located 20 minutes drive 
from Dublin Airport and a similar distance from the City Centre.  It is 
convenient to the DART suburban rail service which connects to the Dunleary 
ferry port.

Address: Marine Hotel, Sutton Cross, Dublin 13

Tel: + 353 1 8390000, Fax: + 353 1 8390442

E-mail: info@marinehotel.ie

Web: www.marinehotel.ie/

TripAdvisor website has more information at:


An excursion will be organised On the Saturday For those not taking part in 
the Chess, and musical entertainment the same evening.  These are free.

Please bring this notice to the attention of all visually impaired Chess 

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